About Us - Domestic Violence Help & Child Abuse Stories

Ethleen Stories is a website, founded by Ethleen Peacock, of which is designated for women to share their thoughts on women’s issues, empowerment, sexual harassment on women and matters touching on women in general. It also helps women get the latest beauty, home design and recipe tips. Ethleen Stories is a 24 hours’ site where women can chat or video chat for help on all forms of abuses and get access to legal resources for domestic violence and sex trafficking victims

We endeavor to make sure that all women and girls across the world get access to the necessary tools for their personal development. This includes: domestic violence awareness, sex trafficking awareness, women’s empowerment awareness and awakening and promoting leadership amongst women. Furthermore, we encourage discussing with teenage girls about the importance of education, the negative implications of early pregnancy, family planning as well as emphasizing the importance of doing regular medical checks up. Ethleen Stories is also about educating women on how technology can go a long way in changing their lives. In addition, we are dedicated in motivating women to be self-depend with a vision to transform society for the best, with the hopes for a better tomorrow.

What makes Ethleen Stories unique is our sharing mentality. We all have so much to give, and our lifestyle blog is made for women to share their stories and pictures. In other words, we provide a platform through which people, women and girls in particular can share their experiences and get the kind of appropriate advice they need to pick up the pieces and move on in the unfortunate event of harassment or violence targeted at them.

Our platform include our moderated forum where numerous topics will be discussed such as family affairs, cultural exchange, international policies and how to manage your family. At the same time, technology and how it can be used to stop any sort of violence and other vices directed at women and girls such as early marriages are also given a priority here. The video chats encourage other women and girls.